Friday, May 28, 2010


Its been almost a year since I posted here! Mostly because things just have been at a stand still. A week ago I recieved an email from the Agency, that said I had IP's interested in having a phone converstation with me! Yippppeee! How exciting can that be! So, we scheduled a conference call for this week! Wednesday we had a wonderful chat about all the important things, over the phone, I got to talk to both the IM and the IF, and they seem sweet as can be!

Thursday morning, I called to let the agency know that I was interested in moving forward.. The moment she answered the phone she said I hope you are calling with good news! :) She had just literally recieved and an email from the IP's saying that they really liked me and wanted to move forward as well.

So, thats where we are. I am in the process of collecting my records to be sent to the clinic and then we will be moving on from there! :) How freaking exciting is this? I am so happy that this is finally happening. I keep picturing, the day I give birth and handing that tiny baby off to its parents, and seeing the joy in their faces knowing I helped make this possible!

:) Stay tuned as things progress!