Thursday, October 7, 2010

Clinic Date!

I can't believe that this is really happening! I finally have a clinic date! I will be going to NY on the 18th, with my appt on the 19th at 11:00 am! I can't wait to go and meet my IM, and get this step of the process over with. I am excited to get my transfer date and start making plans! I can't wait to find an exciting way to tell my IM that I am pregnant. I don't just want to call her on the phone, I want to tell her in some exciting way.... To make her day wonderful. I sometimes start to wonder if all this can really be going this smoothly and this great. I guess when its meant to be its meant to be!

So, I am off to the big city on the 18th and I can't wait to blog about the experience my the time my IM and I get to spend together! :) Its going to be wonderful, I just know it!

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