Friday, October 15, 2010

Countdown to New York....

The countdown has begun! I can't believe I will in New York three days from now! Where does the time go?? I can't believe that its already here. I am so excited to meet "M" and for us to get to talk. It will be so nice to put a face to her voice and just actually see her. I am a little nervous about things like being in the big city alone. Everyone says it will be ok- and I will be just fine, but I don't do things alone, so this is a big step for me. I just can't wait! It will be a busy time for me, but I really just can't wait for this part of the process to be over, and for me to be pregnant. It seems that this is all the really the work that takes so much time. Just more waiting than anything. Waiting for this test, waiting for this appoitment. So, once this trip is over, I think its smooth sailing from here on out. Or so I hope, but I guess only time will tell! Either way... expect an update mid week, letting you know the next steps in this journey.


  1. I am SO excited for you! Wish I could be there in NY with you... but no can do this round. Can't wait to hear how the whole experience starts out for you!!! Love ya!

  2. One step closer....wishing you a great trip, wonderful meeting with your IM and the best!!!!