Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New York!

I am in NEW YORK!!! What a great day! Today was the best day! I couldn't have asked for things to go any smoother! :) I got up this morning at about 8:30am, showered and got dressed. I had a little breakfast here in the hotel, and then walked around a little just checking things out. A little after ten I caught my first Taxi ever, and headed over to New Hope Fertility Center. The ride was uneventful, but crazy! I got there about 10:40, and as I was standing in line, my IM was behind me and said... Kristen? I turned around and there she was... It was like-- how awesome that we were there at the same time, checking in and she knew me from behind! :) The appt. went fairly smoothly and pretty quickly! First my IM and I talked with the counselor, and she explained everything to us, as to how things would go, what to expect and the process! So excited! No Shots! They don't do shots, so I won't have to poke myself so that makes me happy! We will transfer a 5 day frozen emby! She explained that my lining needs to be between a 7-9 and how the meds I am taking will work, and when I can test positive.

After we talked, I went to pee in the cup and have my blood drawn. So, like 5 viles of blood later, and all that fun stuff, I went for my sono. This is a ton of fun as well, since its the end of my cycle, but everything looked good. My lining is at 7mm, right now. So- thats good!

Things look like they will move along fairly quickly and we are looking at a November Transfer! I can't believe how fast things are going...

After I left that Dr. we went to the Shrink. This to me was a big joke, but whatever! I got there and took the True/False test. Only 567 questions, which really is like the same 25 questions as a different way 100 times! The Dr. didn't talk to me about much, so I really don't understand what the point of this was, specially since I already had the social worker at my house a few months ago!

When we got done with these appointments, my IM and I spent the day together! We went to Times Square! It was so much fun to see all that stuff. I saw the New Years Eve Ball, the M & M factory, The Hersey Factory, and the Biggest Toys R Us ever!!! My girls are going to be so jealous! It had a Ferris wheel inside the toy store!

I came back to the hotel, and my IM made the trip back home. I decided no point in sitting in my room alone, and took a walk around. At first I was a little nervous, but once I got out an about it was a blast. I went to the Empire State Building! It was cold up there, but it was really neat to see the lights and everything from up there! I did a little shopping for my kids and then has some pizza and a coke and came back to my room!

So, tomorrow back to Denver I go! I miss the kiddos, but this was a really fun trip. Looks like I should be back here again in about 3 weeks, and testing positive (the power of positive thinking here) somewhere around Thanksgiving if all goes according to plan...

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  1. Sounds like such a wonderful trip! I could see the excitement there in your typing :) Still wish I was there with you!!! But I am so proud of you for making the best of it all by your lil lonesome!