Friday, December 30, 2011

The first Shot!

Ahhh! The first shot is over! What a day. Not only was it the first day for the shots but the day involved a bunch of running around.

So- the injection was not nearly as awful as I had predicted it would be. I don't mind needles or shots, it was just the thought of poking myself that I was worried about. I have never had to poke a needle anywhere in my body, let alone by belly!

I was holding the needle and had it against my stomach and just had to bite the bullet and do it! No going back, so I pushed it in- holding my breath, and then it was done! :)

So- thats that!

We have a tentative schedule with transfer date of the 8-9th of Febuary, of course pending the blood work and U/S and Egg retrival!

I am so happy to be at this place.

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