Thursday, April 12, 2012

Monitoring Appt!

I had my second monitoring appt today!  Things went fairly well, I guess...

I was expecting the Dr. to say that everything is looking great and ready for a transfer...instead he said that I need to up the dosage of meds for another week and see what my lining looks like next Thursday!  That just seems icky!  :)  I am not looking forward to adding some additional estrace to my diet- all for a good cause, I just know that occasionally if I have had to double up in the past it has caused me to feel AWFUL! 

So we will see what next Thursday brings, the waiting and not being able to plan part is hard.  I am sure its hard for J and M too- not knowing when to book a ticket or a hotel room. 

So- one more week of Lupron craziness and Estrace and we will see where we are that!

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