Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh the Waiting!

The waiting game... no one likes it-- no matter what you are waiting for, it makes the time go by ten times slower and all you can think about is what is you are waiting for...

The countdown to graduation, getting your Drivers Liscence, Being 21, getting married, having a baby, a job interview, a first date, tests...  It really doesn't matter what exactly the weight it- it sucks!

The problem for me with the 2WW, is that its not my future that is resting in the palm of my uterus!  Its another family.  Yes, my life will change phyically for the next 9 months or so- and emotionally I will be forever changed as I help create a family for someone special... but on a day to day basis after pregnacy its not my life-  Its someone elses'... and knowing, hoping, praying, wishing...nothing I can do at this point will change the outcome of what happens on May 8th!  Its either going to be positive or negative.    Its up to my body and these little embryos' to just nestle on in and do their thing. 

I hate waiting... I know the day is around the corner... 7 days from tomorrow to be exact!  But could the time go any slower... I want to test at home, but will resit, I want to know the results, but at the same time I don't!

Ok May 8th... Lets hurry up and get here!  Hopefully a few things will be able to keep me busy and my mind off this test for a few days anyway... Rockies game, work summer bbq, church, friends...  Who am I kidding..


See- now I feel better!

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