Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time in the Airport!

Well, its that time... time for me to head to the East Coast to see J and M!  I am super excited to be going this time... 

My first transfer was a wonderful experience, but J and M and I, had never met... we had talked on the phone a few times, and texted, sent many emails and lots of texts, but you honestly never know how things will be until you meet someone.  I was nervous, I am sure they were nervouse, they are trusting me with something so precious and close to them!  :)

This time, I don't feel like it will be so nerve wracking.  J and I talked alot and shared a lot of stories while we waited for the transfer last time, so I am hopind that this will also be alot of the same, sharing stories and laughs. 

Last time, she had a car pick me up at the airport- this time she is coming to get me!  I am excited and nervous, I hope that everything goes well!

I feel confident and happy that things are going well!  Wish me luck as we take the next step to helping create J and M's little baby!

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