Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Yesterday I had my first U/S!  I am a nervous Nancy, so it was a little scary going into that room waiting and just hoping that everything was ok.  I was lucky that my wonderful friend Deanna came with me so she could keep me positive.  She is my rock.  The Dr. took forever to get into the room, the nurse came in and said that they had some things come up.  I think we were there in the room with my naked waiting for this appt for a good 30 minutes before he came in.  That is when I was really glad that Deanna was with me.

After the Dr. came in, he asked me the normal questions, how are you feeling, what were your beta test numbers...  The Dr. started the U/S and began looking around.  After a few minutes the questions started to get more intense and a little worrisome...  How many did you transfer, where they fresh or frozen, from an egg donor or the mother, how old is the mother....

A few minutes later, he said well it worked wonderfully...  And this is what he showed us...

Yup... you are seeing that right.... not one baby-- but two...  two little babies growing inside my belly.  I think I just kept saying, that's good stuff...  It work...  I was 6weeks 2days when this U/S was done, so although we could see the heartbeat the little flicker of it- we couldn't hear it.  The Dr. says that both are measuring good and that baby B is a little bigger than Baby A, which he assures me is common.  Baby A would be delivered first.

I think everyone is in shock and its still really early so anything can happen... taking it one day and one step at time.  I go back next Friday for another U/S.  We shall see what happens then...

Stay tuned for more as we navigate through the waters for the first trimester....morning sickness, mood swings and being tired as all get out!


  1. Um....how could I have possibly missed this post?!?! Yahoo!!!!! Congrats x 2!