Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We are having a baby!

  Today was our beta test!  Now lets talk about some nerves!  I had asked the Dr. office if I could be the one to call Jane and tell her the news.  I really wanted her to hear it from someone who cared and was excited for her!  They agreed.  I had to go to work after the test.  I had my blood drawn at 730am, and they said the results would be ready in an hour!  Knowing that information was both good and bad.  In a bad way I really checked my phone like 22 times today, just waiting for a phone call!   In a good way- when I emailed the clinic and they said they hadn't gotten the results, I knew to call the lab and find out what was going on...  Turns out the order had been completed, just not faxed...enter some more waiting and going crazy, she faxed it while I was on the phone and an hour later I checked my phone... 

Positive Beta number of 581.1, now to me, I have no idea what this number actually means other than "you are pregnant"  so- here we are!

I was so excited to call J, that I was shaking.  She answered the phone very quiet...  As she tells me she was in surgery on a difficult case... I said something along the lines of "do you want to have a baby", I am sure she must of said huh or something like that, because I proceeded to repeat myself, and she said "yes" and I said well, thats good- because you are having a baby!!!  She was speachless and couldn't say much.  I told her I had just gotten the results from the Dr. office and that I had asked them to let me tell you- she just kept saying its positive, you made my day!  I have to call M.  I started crying and thankfully my friend Deanna was with me for the phone call and hugged me!

I decided to send them this picture tonight.  Everyone deserves to have a positive test picture.  Its not real until you see it, and since she can't see it--

Sending this email to them and telling her over the phine is a day I will never forget- I truely lucky to be helping this family have a baby and I couldn't be more excited for this day!!!  Today my friends was truely a good day!

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