Saturday, July 21, 2012

First OB Appt...

I had my first OB appt well, I think a week or so ago-  (man pregnancy brain is kicking in already).  It was nice to be able to see the Dr and hear the babies heartbeats.  Nothing too exciting happened, first appt's are just kind of the normal, minus all the yucky girly checks!  We talked for a bit and he was excited that I was back- When I had my surgery a few- well 6-8 months ago- he was the one who did it and knew the reason I was having it done.  The first thing he said when he came in was- You got two for one- huh!!!  It was fun!

We called my Ip's who were on vacation in Alaska- and they got to hear the heartbeat of Baby B.  I did get to learn the positions, which was kind of fun.  Baby A on the right side, and Baby B kind of under on the left side.  I have since been able to find both heartbeats with the doppler I rented!

My Dr. was really great about things and told J that he would call her after clinic hours and they would talk about anything she had questions on.    I also learned that a vaginal delivery is still a good possibility as long as Baby B doesn't weigh more than Baby A- even if B is breach!  :) So I am happy about that-  I really dont' want to have a c-section.

My Ip's were interested in having an Amnio- so we talked with the genetic counselor and instead decided on a test called Maternit21 + or something along those lines which is just a blood test, so that's nice- no belly poking for me, at least not yet!

I have an appt Wednesday to have that test done and then I will have a 17 week appt on the 3rd and then schedule my 20 week appt after that where they will check the genders.  My OB said I would have more appt's than a normal pregnancy and more U/S as they will check to make sure the babies are growing and the amniotic fluid levels.  So- looks like an appt every 3 weeks or so- which is good and exciting!

Nothing else too new to report, I feel like I have felt some movement in there- not sure if its movement or gas!  ;) Seems early to feel much- but you just never know!

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