Thursday, August 9, 2012

17w6d...already complicated?

Two little baby heads...  Still Amazes me!
Well, today marks 17weeks and 6 days pregnant... I can't in many ways believe that we are almost half way through this pregnancy!  I mean the days are flying by!  It helps that other things in life keep me busy and that I am not preparing to bring these babies home for myself... In fact- once they are born life will just go on....

My appt at the Dr last week was not an uneventful one like we all hope at this early stage in the game.  Babies look great which is wonderful, however my cervix is not being well behaved.  In fact, measuring about 1/2 of what its supposed to be measuring.  The Dr said that I should be measuring about a 4-5cm and I am at 2.3, not the news I wanted to hear, not what J and M wanted to hear.  So we scheduled another appt for today... and the Dr said- to just live life normally... It was hard to not worry and stress out and live normally for the past week, but I did a pretty good job.  I went today and had really no change.  Its still short- really short... and I also have a bacterial infection, which the Dr thinks could have something to do with the short cervix.  So- he asked if I could stay home all week until my appt next week... I convinced him that instead of my normal walking all day standing on my feet job, perhaps I could do desk work all week?!  He agreed to see where that got me...

I go back again next Wednesday for an appt to be rechecked.  Hopefully that cervical lenght stays the same or gets longer, which they assure me is possible!  

Most days I still can't believe that twins are growing in there and everytime I see them on the U/S I am still in shock! 

Here is Baby A looking down... I told the U/S tech they always look so big, when they are still so little...

Here is Baby B looking out at the world... Amazing how they started out as little cells and now are babies...

My biggest question is how in the world are they going to fit??

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  1. They'll make room - trust me. :-)

    Glad to hear you're going to take it easy this week. Fingers crossed next week brings terrific news! Keep us posted!