Friday, August 17, 2012

How do you make "Its a ..." into the plural form?

Thats right, these babies are a boy girl twinkie set!  I couldn't be happier for my IP's!  We had talked a few times about names and what they were hoping for and they wanted one of each!  I am so super excited for them.  I couldn't figure out the best way to tell them, and that was the hardest part!  My IM always knows when I have a Dr appt and I always text her right away after my appt to let her know how things went.  I knew I could get away with a little bit of time between texting her and her getting worried.  With my cervical length being an issue I didn't want to wait too long and have her start to worry...

I went to Babies R Us and bought these onesis and then started telling her about my appt- Everything is the same, no changes in cervical lenght and the babies are doing great!  She is coming out for my 20 week appt on the 30th, so I told her that the U/S tech was able to see the babies genders and that I knew and asked if she wanted to know... or wait until she was here to see for herself!?  She replied with OMG...Ok- tell me!  I then sent her this picture and she wrote back...omg, that is so cool and exciting.  Since she already told me the names they had picked- I attached Baby A is M and Baby B is E. 

Few days compare so far in this journey...the moment I got to hear her voice when I told her she was having a baby...the moment I said its two babies and now this.  Its so amazing to be part of something so wonderful and rewarding. 

On a side note- as I was buying the shirts- the lady at the register asked me, do we not know yet?  I said- well, I am surrogate, carrying twins and I just found out they are boy/girl twins and I can't wait to tell their mom... She was sort of in shock and just said that's really neat!

What an exciting week.  My IM will be here on the 30th and I can't wait to see her face, when she gets to hear the heartbeats and see her babies on the screen for herself.  Its one thing to hear over the phone and see the pictures- but I am sure it will be much more real when she can see it all in person. 

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  1. Yeah! So excited for you and your IP's!
    Have a Suneday!