Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pregnancy Brain!

Well today it officially happened...  That's right-- my brain just stopped working- I don't know why this happened or why it chose important things to screw up!!!

So- as I am opening the mail today- I had several checks come in the mail- expense checks... I took them out of the three separate envelopes and carefully placed them in one.  Went through the rest of the mail- and piled it all together.  Only I at some point got the piles confused...  As I started tearing apart the "junk mail", well actually not until about the 2nd tear in half, did I realize that I was tearing up the pile that had the checks in it... Checks I wanted to take to the bank...

Almost instantly, I felt myself start to get sweaty and I can only imagine that my face was white as a ghost!  I pulled the 4 pieces out of the rest of the trash- and then began to wonder... Can I tape these back together?  If I tape them and take them to the bank will the bank accept them??  I asked around- on facebook and my family- no one really seems to know! 

So- what else can I do but try!  While Mandy was at soccer I took Nicole and Karli inside to computer lab and borrowed some tape from the teacher!  I preformed some reconstructive surgery and taped the three checks back together!!!

After soccer, we headed to the bank!  The teller so happy to see me, said can I help you today!  As I handed him my checks I said-- I don't know if you can, but if you can you will be my hero!   I showed him the checks and thankfully everyone was fairly good spirited about it!  He showed the manager- we had a few good laughs- they joked that they are counterfeit and that they get some money back if they find counterfeit checks!   They helped me tape them a little better and said they would accept the checks and as long as the issuers bank didn't reject them, we are good to go!

So- I am glad they took them and hope that I never have to deal with that again! 

Oyyee!  What an afternoon!  Thank you Pregnancy Brain for that little reminder, never stick checks back in the envelope!

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  1. LOL! I'm glad they were nice about it and allowed them. Pregnancy brain truly sucks.