Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The worst day of pregnancy!

The worst day of pregnancy for me anyways was today... doesn't matter what kind of pregnancy you are having the day comes when you have to swallow this nasty drink and then wait an hour without having anything to wash it down with!  I usually drink the orange drink- or at least I have in the past...  I hate the orange drink- I believe my friend Jeni over at Love makes a family refers to it as tang on crack- which is well a pretty good description.  Its a sugary orange soda drink with about a million packets of sugar added to it... Oh so yummy right??  By the way its not carbonated, so you don't even have that going for you- so its flat to top it off!

Needless to say I was not looking forward to this appt.  I guess I didn't help myself by eating cinnamon toast crunch cereal for breakfast...  I got there and the lady said- spit out your gum... prepared for the worst she brought out a cup full of a clear liquid.   To my surprise it was not the cracked out tang I was expecting...  I smelled it-- and it smelled like sprite!  Oh man- All I can think of now, is that I have to drink cracked out sprite- wait- flat cracked out sprite--- so you know when you have an upset stomach and you let the sprite sit out and get nice and flat?  Yup--that was it-  Sprite with what tastes like a million packets of sugar added in and again no carbonation!

So, I decide that the best way is to take big drinks and drink it as quick as possible...  I was in the lab with another pregnant woman who was also drinking her flavored beverage... we said it was happy hour and downed our drinks.  Now the drink is gone and I wish I could say that I was glad it was over- the worst part is the wait- nothing to eat or drink for one hour- so I have to live for the next hour wishing I could just have some water to wash it down with...  I went to my appt, saw the Dr...things are great- back to the lab to wait for the hour to be up.   During of course this whole time I am burping up cinnamon toast crunch/flat cracked out sprite and just waiting to be able to take a drink of water!!!

After the hour the draw my blood and off I go- first things first and water!!  Ahhh- water never tasted so good!  Now, to wait for the results and lets just pray that everything is normal, because I don't think I can do it again- only this time for 3 hours!!!

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  1. Lol! It's over, right? Way to get it done. You're so right about water never tasting so good. Fingers crossed all comes back within the normal range.