Monday, October 8, 2012

Dear Babies...

Dear Baby A or Baby B or Maybe Both,

While I love that you are growing stronger in my belly and the weeks are passing quickly, I would like to make a little request.  my right side is getting really sore...  If you two would kindly take to beating up the other side once in a while, it would be greatly appreciated! 

Please know that I am not being too picky- you don't have to move from one side to the other- just share the love a little.  My right rib cage, my pelvic bone, they would like to stay intact for the next few months and with you only moving on the one side it has started to be a little painful.

I know I ask alot of you- move around and stay off the cervix, share the love of the kicking around the entire belly...

I greatly enjoy our time together-- so don't get any wise idea's!  Just enjoy the space in there while you have it!

Thank you,

Your wonderful room for rent host!

1 comment:

  1. I think since you asked SOOO nicely, they'll oblige. Share the space babies. Show your surro-mama some love! :)