Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The worst day of pregnancy!

The worst day of pregnancy for me anyways was today... doesn't matter what kind of pregnancy you are having the day comes when you have to swallow this nasty drink and then wait an hour without having anything to wash it down with!  I usually drink the orange drink- or at least I have in the past...  I hate the orange drink- I believe my friend Jeni over at Love makes a family refers to it as tang on crack- which is well a pretty good description.  Its a sugary orange soda drink with about a million packets of sugar added to it... Oh so yummy right??  By the way its not carbonated, so you don't even have that going for you- so its flat to top it off!

Needless to say I was not looking forward to this appt.  I guess I didn't help myself by eating cinnamon toast crunch cereal for breakfast...  I got there and the lady said- spit out your gum... prepared for the worst she brought out a cup full of a clear liquid.   To my surprise it was not the cracked out tang I was expecting...  I smelled it-- and it smelled like sprite!  Oh man- All I can think of now, is that I have to drink cracked out sprite- wait- flat cracked out sprite--- so you know when you have an upset stomach and you let the sprite sit out and get nice and flat?  Yup--that was it-  Sprite with what tastes like a million packets of sugar added in and again no carbonation!

So, I decide that the best way is to take big drinks and drink it as quick as possible...  I was in the lab with another pregnant woman who was also drinking her flavored beverage... we said it was happy hour and downed our drinks.  Now the drink is gone and I wish I could say that I was glad it was over- the worst part is the wait- nothing to eat or drink for one hour- so I have to live for the next hour wishing I could just have some water to wash it down with...  I went to my appt, saw the Dr...things are great- back to the lab to wait for the hour to be up.   During of course this whole time I am burping up cinnamon toast crunch/flat cracked out sprite and just waiting to be able to take a drink of water!!!

After the hour the draw my blood and off I go- first things first and water!!  Ahhh- water never tasted so good!  Now, to wait for the results and lets just pray that everything is normal, because I don't think I can do it again- only this time for 3 hours!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Modified Bedrest--Until

Well, this post has been hard to sit down and write- I don't know why, perhaps because part of me feels bad that although I am just past 24 weeks I have already had to quit working and even though I have read and talked tot he Dr. and my head knows that I couldn't physically do anything to keep this from happening!  Its just hard to feel like this wasn't supposed to happen.  Full term pregnancies with all my own children, no bed rest, no preterm labor...  And now...

I am on modified bed rest UNTIL-- Who knows...these babies are born? Or modified bed rest turns into strict bed rest?!  Last Thursday was my last day at work- it was kind of sad, I don't know if its because I was a little hormonal or what- but I had one good cry and that was enough to last me the day.  Work is where my friends are- work is sometimes a pain in the rear, but right now is an exciting time as we go through JD Power certification and I am sad to miss out on that!

I knew from the start that bed rest was possible and highly likely.   I guess I just hoped that I would make it longer than 23 weeks we did. Darn that short cervix.  The Dr's have been so good at being on top of it and I am glad that we checked it early and frequently so that we would be able to tell if something changed. I am also thankful that I don't have any other pre term labor things going on.  No bleeding, no contractions, I physically feel great!  I do get wore out a little easier than I would if I weren't pregnant and doing some things has become more difficult, but overall I feel good!  These babies have been moving around like crazy and both are currently head down, which puts us in a good position for a vaginal birth! 

Hopefully now that I have come to terms with this modified bed rest, hopefully I will start to write more again... Lots of reading and tv watching is in my future as I focus on one day at a time getting these babies here as close to full term as possible...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pregnancy Brain!

Well today it officially happened...  That's right-- my brain just stopped working- I don't know why this happened or why it chose important things to screw up!!!

So- as I am opening the mail today- I had several checks come in the mail- expense checks... I took them out of the three separate envelopes and carefully placed them in one.  Went through the rest of the mail- and piled it all together.  Only I at some point got the piles confused...  As I started tearing apart the "junk mail", well actually not until about the 2nd tear in half, did I realize that I was tearing up the pile that had the checks in it... Checks I wanted to take to the bank...

Almost instantly, I felt myself start to get sweaty and I can only imagine that my face was white as a ghost!  I pulled the 4 pieces out of the rest of the trash- and then began to wonder... Can I tape these back together?  If I tape them and take them to the bank will the bank accept them??  I asked around- on facebook and my family- no one really seems to know! 

So- what else can I do but try!  While Mandy was at soccer I took Nicole and Karli inside to computer lab and borrowed some tape from the teacher!  I preformed some reconstructive surgery and taped the three checks back together!!!

After soccer, we headed to the bank!  The teller so happy to see me, said can I help you today!  As I handed him my checks I said-- I don't know if you can, but if you can you will be my hero!   I showed him the checks and thankfully everyone was fairly good spirited about it!  He showed the manager- we had a few good laughs- they joked that they are counterfeit and that they get some money back if they find counterfeit checks!   They helped me tape them a little better and said they would accept the checks and as long as the issuers bank didn't reject them, we are good to go!

So- I am glad they took them and hope that I never have to deal with that again! 

Oyyee!  What an afternoon!  Thank you Pregnancy Brain for that little reminder, never stick checks back in the envelope!