Tuesday, December 18, 2012

36 Weeks? Is it possible?

Is it really possible that we have made it past that mark- that one number on the calendar that we all strive for- 36 weeks has come and gone and I am on the downward way to 37 weeks!  When I woke up Friday morning, knowing that I was 36 weeks and that if these babies came, the time in the NICU would be much less minimal than had they been born even just a few weeks earlier!  

Short cervix and all, I am here- hoping to make it to that 38 week mark- which is the ultimate goal.  Thats just about 9 days from now.  If I can hold these babies in for another 9 days- I will feel so good about the way my body has behaved.  I don't know what my cervical lenght is, and I have a Dr. Appt today so we will if I am dialated at all...but its a truely good feeling knowing that we are just days away from these babies meeting their parents.

The babies are very active and still just really high up in my ribs, sometimes its painful- but then I remember that I am thankful for the pain because it means that they are still inside!

Here is my 36 week belly picture- just for fun!  I will try and update a little after my dr appt today and see if the Dr thinks there is a chance of me going on my own- otherwise we are keeping that plan for induction on the 28th- right after Christmas!