Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Its been a month?!

Where oh Where does the time go?!?!  I can't believe that the twins are one month old!  It just doesn't even seem possible! 

Yesterday the twins turned one month old- and I still couldn't be prouder or feel better about my journey!  It feels so good!  The thought of them brings a smile to my face and then when I get to hear that they are doing so well - that even though they were small at birth have already almost outgrown newborn clothes! (which means I need to exchange their valentines outfits, before I send them)!

I am still pumping and shipping milk to them, which makes me feel good too- we will see how long this works for- I went back to work today, so that's a whole new challenge and something else to figure out!  I was surprised that it actually seemed easier at work- I don't know if that's because I didn't have anything else to worry about- like my own kids!  LOL!

So here is to those sweet little babies who have now been with their mom and dad for 1 month!

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