Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Since the twins have been bored I have been pumping for the twins.  I really didn't realize that it was going to be so much work and such a time consuming task. I do not enjoy waking up in the middle of the night and that was part of why I was so thankful the twins weren't coming home with me!  :)  However, at least when you are nursing, or for me, I always was able to side nurse and sleep while the baby ate- it doesn't work so well when pumping, just ask the countless amounts of milk I have spilled because I have fallen asleep while pumping!  Which always makes me so mad!  Milk- breast milk specifically is like liquid gold. It takes so much time to pump and then to spill it- just makes me want to cry!  Since I worried about having enough milk for two babies and try to over supply so that both babies can have breast milk any amount of spilled milk makes me so upset I could cry- even in the middle the night!

Shipping the milk was a whole nother situation and quiet that task- at least this time, I know what it will take to ship it!  Last week, I went to fed ex here in town, I asked them about shipping, the guy sold me a box and I got the cooler and the dry ice.  I came home, I wrapped each days worth of milk into a brown paper lunch bag, then stuck that into a zip lock freezer bag. I stuck the bags into the cooler, and put some plastic grocery bags between the dry ice and the milk and taped up the cooler. I then packed the box taped it and addressed it.  Carted my kids off to the fed ex location in Fort Collins.  I carted the box inside and began to tell the lady what was in the box. (keep in mind its about 5pm with the box needing to be ready at 6 for pickup)  The fed ex lady tells me that she can not ship dry ice in a fed ex box and that I would need to find another box.  At that time I about have a breakdown. Don't these people know that I need to ship the liquid gold to these babies?!  and that the dry ice is only good for about 24 hours?!  So I ask the lady (who was really nice) where I can get a box, she tells me I can go to home depot and buy a box and tells me where the home depot is.   So I pack the kids back in the car- leaving my box at the fed ex location (see I told you the lady was nice).  Run to home depot, quickly get a box and get back in the car and head back to fed ex.  The lady tapes up the box for me and I unpacked the old box and repack the new box. Fill out all the forms and get everything situated just about 545.  Whewww- that was close. 

The milk arrived safely and frozen and hopefully the babies are enjoying it.   Currently my freezer is again over flowing with milk and I need to go ship it- I don't know how long what I have sent lasts the babies or how much they are eating at just a little over 2 weeks old. I do feel bad that the cost to ship that milk was so high.  J told me that it was over 200.00 to sent the milk.  Seems like a lot of money to pay every week for milk.  I would love to be able to just sent it once every few weeks.  We will see what we can work out.


  1. kudos to you for doing the pumping and shipping! i pumped for my surro baby for the 2 weeks he was in the United States and then continued to pump for a (relatively) local family who just adopted a newborn, born less than a month apart from my surro baby. i was SO happy to find someone who could use it, whose baby was the perfect age for the newborn milk i was producing, AND lived within driving distance. i emailed her whenever my freezer got full and she made the drive to come get it (a little over 2 hours each way). just wanted to encourage you on with the pumping - it's amazing for them, and it's good for YOU, too! i was fortunate that, after the first week of waking up from pain, i was able to establish day pumping only from the start. i still got over 64oz a day (some days more) without pumping at night and it felt amazing to continue helping someone in that way <3

  2. That's awesome that you are pumping - I am sure your IPs are very grateful for all your hard work! I pumped each time, but only a few weeks after, none of my IPs ever wanted milk for long, if at all so I donated it and pumped mostly for the benefits for my body. I always felt it helped those hormones regulate after delivery! :)