Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Twins Birth Story

I was scheduled for induction on 12-28 at 7:30am; the twins were exactly 38 weeks.   I called the hospital at 6am to make sure they had room for me.  Sure enough- the nurse said, see you at 730.  When I arrived and got checked into my room it was pretty close at 8am.  IM arrived shortly after getting into my room, and the nurse started going over things, the normal locating babies, getting hooked up and changed. The next hour or so are kind of a blur and before I know it is like 10am. I was having contractions on my own, but they weren’t doing anything, when the on call Dr checked me I was a 3.  We decided to start the Pitocin to get things moving.  The Dr informed us that we would need to get the epi in place before she would break my water, because we never know how fast things will go once my water was broken. The hours ticked away- as keeping the babies on the monitors was a little rough, so the nurse was in and out all the time, re positioning and getting them back on.  At some point we switched to a head monitor for baby A, as he was getting pretty low and we couldn’t keep him on the monitor.
Again I was having contractions but not anything too serious, I could take through them.  So- we waited, and waited… My Ip’s were in and out – giving me time to rest but letting me know that they were there for me.   Around 245 I decided to get the epi.  I felt like that was the magic key to moving forward as at that point I was only 4cm.  All day and one cm progress.

Since the epi was in place my Dr decided to break the water on baby A.   That was right around 415. My IM watched them break my water asking lots of question and then she decided to go take a nap- they didn’t get to their hotel until almost 1am, Thursday night/Friday morning.  She left to go take a nap while I just kind of hung out- I  wasn’t really feeling anything, thanks to the Epi.  The nurse came in to check on me right around 530, and I was starting to feel some real pressure.  The" I think it’s getting close" pressure.  I told her I was feeling pain and pressure and she let me have some more epi meds!  When I told her that didn’t really help, and asked when the Dr would be back to check me again.  During this time my IM had made her way back into the room and the Dr must have known we were talking about her because she also come in and I told her I was having a lot of pressure.  She said well let’s check you-

The check proved that I was almost a 10, she said a 9 with a small rim.  So- my IM got my IF and then things got crazy really quick.  Nurses come in everywhere and the white suits came out.  My best friend was there as my support person and my IP’s all getting on the white jump suits and hats. They were still all getting ready as they were pushing me down the hall to the OR.

The OR- a cold and not so inviting place. People everywhere.  Smaller bed (read cot) and my legs in these boots!   Huge blue strap in boots. We had an extra OB in the room, my IM and IF my friend, nurses everywhere. IM was holding one of my legs, my friend was holding my hand and rubbing my hair and my IF was taking pictures, somewhere behind me, (I think)?  They were watching Baby B’s heartbeat on the U/S and we were waiting for someone from Ped’s to come in, I guess Dr’s for the babies??  I just know that the worst words a woman in labor can here- is “don’t push”!  You all know that when you have to push, you have to push.  There really is no holding it back.  Finally, the OB said- ok- next contraction, tell me and we will push.   Which just so happened to be right as she was saying that.  One and a half pushes later- out comes Baby A(Christian) at 5:58pm, weighing 5lbs 1oz and 19 inches long.  Rest for a minute as they make sure baby B is still head down and locate her heart rate again.  Whew!  She stayed head down.   Break Baby B’s water and we kind of wait for her to move on down.  I remember the OB saying ok- when you have a contraction let’s go ahead and push.  I don’t know how many pushes she took- what I do know is that I was pushing and it was hurting and I turned to my friend and said- oh man this hurts!  Turns out she was sunny side up.   If you ever want or need some encouragement to push really hard and really fast, listen to someone in the OR say- ok, you need to get her out, PUSH!  I guess her heart rate dropped and hearing those scary words was enough to send me over the edge…push, baby B (Elizabeth)born 9 minutes after baby A at 6:08 pm weighing 6lbs 2oz and 17 ½ inches long.

I did need a few stitches after the placenta fun!  Baby girl was fine and baby boy is still in the NICU.  He had some trouble maintaining his body temp as well as eating, but is doing better now.  I believe he might be discharged tomorrow and they will go home to NY on Wednesday.

My Ip’s have been so wonderful.  They are beyond grateful and every time I see them they thank me for doing such a wonderful job.  Saturday morning my IM brought the little girl in for me to hold.  She is so tiny and such a cutie.  She told me I could go to the NICU and see the little boy anytime I wanted.  I made my way there in the evening after my shower and she was there.  She left to go feed baby girl and told me to stay as long as I wanted.  She said- she thought he would enjoy hearing my voice and being snuggled.   I spent about an hour with him.

Emotionally I feel good.  I cried once with the nurse who was talking to me and telling me what a great thing I did- I didn’t cry because I was sad to be leaving the babies-  In fact I feel relieved to not have a newborn to care for at home, the tears just sort of flowed.  Tears of happiness, tears of worry for how little that baby boy is tears because it’s over and I feel like it took so long to get here!   I really couldn’t tell you; maybe it’s just the hormones! I feel great about the entire thing.  Things went wonderfully.  I couldn’t feel any prouder to be part of something so special and so amazing. Watching my IM cry as her children were born and knowing that I helped create that family is a wonderful feeling.  I don’t even know how I can describe that feeling, Love? Completeness?  
I went into this journey just knowing that I wanted to do this for a family.  I have my reasons, I think everyone does- it was something I was called to do- something I really needed to do.  I had no idea what I was in for- and I have learned so much over the last 3 years from the time I started all of this to birth of twins.  Learned a lot about life, love and myself.  I can see why people become passionate about helping create families!  If this is my greatest accomplishment in life- I feel like I am content with that.  Helping someone else create a family was a blessing to me and my life as well as theirs.


  1. You are a rock star! Let the tears flow. There is a reason for them..good or bad.

  2. Totally teared me up... beautiful birth story!!